Why I Had a Closet Full of Clothes & Nothing to Wear

I was not always, Style Confident…..

During Middle School, High School and College, I struggled with food/body issues.

I avoided my body, avoided the mirror, avoided shopping for clothes. Can you relate?

I wore 20% of my clothes — jeans and T-shirts— 80% of the time.

I didn’t know what to wear.

I needed time to experiment, time to get to know and trust myself.


Here’s why I struggled:

1. I was confused/overwhelmed with all the rules.

2. I had NO Style Confidence: No real sense of myself. I didn’t know what I loved, what made me happy, or what my true style preferences were. My closet was stuffed with clothes, but very few items felt like ME.

3. Totally bored, in a rut. I bought the same items over and over.

4. Too much and not enough. I had clothes that didn’t work with each other, clothes that were too tight or too big. Clothing in colors, fabrics and prints I didn’t like, clothing that made me feel bad about myself.

5. I shopped randomly. I didn’t know what I was looking for. Sometimes, I didn’t even try clothes on.

6. I shopped mindlessly, rushed, especially last minute when I needed clothes for a special occasion.

7. Shopped on impulse. I bought too many trendy clothes and not enough basics.

8. Overly influenced by friends, family and sales people.

9. I repeatedly hoped buying something new would help me feel better about myself.

My relationship with food/body improved when I began paying attention to what I really loved  and wanted to eat.

Later, I used these same skills when selecting clothing.

I noticed what colors, fabrics and silhouettes I was drawn to, which clothes I truly liked and wanted to wear, what styles made me feel happy, confident and authentic, whether or not they were current fashion.

I consistently worked to quiet/calm my inner critic. More and more, I learned to believe in my instincts and trust myself.

And, I’m happy to report that for the last several decades, instead of stress and uncertainty, my closet brings me confidence and joy, because it was curated especially for ME!


Here’s what I want you to know:

Great Style is about expressing your SELF.
So first, you need to know yourself. Then, stay true to yourself.
What do you love?
What makes you happy?
What clothes, colors and fabrics make you feel strong and confident?
What are you wearing when you feel most like you?


When you shop:

1. Allow plenty of time. Go at your own pace. Try everything on. Breathe.
2. Shop intentionally. Know what you’re looking for. Notice what lights you up.
3. Shop for only 1 item at a time. ONLY buy 1 item that you TRULY LOVE.
4. Trust your gut. If it’s not a clear YES — its’ a NO!
5. Stay on your own side. Stay in the moment. Be KIND.
6. Ignore The Inner Critic. You deserve clothes you love, clothes you feel great in — clothes that make you smile — and are for the body you have right now.

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