What’s Your Inner Critic’s Name?

It’s challenging — to stay on your own side, especially when your LOUD, snarky, inner critic carries on.

So easy to get snagged by this voice that judges you & your choices, says, YOU CAN’T, YOU HAVE TO, OMG, WHAT IF?

When it comes to you figuring out what to eat and what to wear, this inner critic creates so much stress, struggle and doubt everyday.
You start to feel scared, stuck, confused.

You begin to doubt and question everything you are, everything you want, love, desire.


It makes perfect sense that you’d feel that way…

I also have a LOUD, yappy, inner critic, and I have felt the same way.


My Inner Critic’s Name name is, Snippy Snipperstein.
I decided to call her that because that name makes me laugh —
and that makes Snippy seem less evil, less dangerous, less powerful.
Her silly name makes it easier for me to ignore her…defy her!
Or to tell her to, Talk to the hand! ✋🏻

When I hear her yapping, I flick my shoulder with my thumb and forefinger and say, Get out! Bug off! or, Snippy, that’s enough! 

Each time I hear her, I say it again, flicking from shoulder to shoulder and laughing each time.

Each time I FLICK, it breaks the spell a bit. It gives me more spaciousness, more freedom from this inner, critical voice. I feel empowered, and more in control of the moment.

What would happen if you gave your inner critic a name that made you laugh?

Here’s how we can outsmart our yappy, Inner Critic and learn to stay on Our Own Side, over the Holidays, and EVERYDAY:

  1. Slow down. Create some quiet time everyday. Lean in to the small voice of your Wisest, Kindest self.
  2. Show up for yourself by staying connected — to your insides, your body, your feelings, your needs.
  3. Practice daily self-care: Activities that deeply engage, ground, nourish and restore you, like — a nap, a break, a walk, meditation, crayons, dancing, painting, or a new red dress! More self-care = more self-trust.
  4. Break some rules. No matter what THE CRITIC says, risk shifting from what you’re supposed to do, to what feels right for YOU to do.
  5. Put more attention on kindness, gentleness, self-acceptance and self-trust. Are you feeling a shift? RU more on your side? More determined to listen to your heart/gut?
  6. Let go of eating only foods the Gurus label as, “good” and start eating the foods you REALLY want. By letting go, you’re challenging the inner critic 💪
  7. Stop moving in ways you hate, ways that feel like punishment, and start moving for fun, silliness, play! Hula hoops, adult ballet (YES to tutus and tiaras), bikes with streamers, whatever your little selves desire. By letting go, you’re challenging the inner critic.
  8. Stop wearing clothes the fashion pundits say we “should” wear because we’re this age or this size.
    What if we wore clothes we liked, clothes and styles that are comfortable and makes us happy?
    What if we dressed to express ourselves and not to please…anyone?
    By letting go, we’re challenging the inner critic 💃🏻
  9. Strengthen your Self-care and self-trust muscles —
    Self-trust is a super power which reminds you — that you can do hard things & you will be okay, even if you’re temporarily confused/uncertain/uncomfortable, you will eventually find your way.
    The Super Power — Self-trust, challenges the inner critic.
  10. These repeated acts of Boldness, Clarity and Confidence confuse your inner critic (haha).
    It fusses, then sulks, then gradually gets quieter, moves farther & farther away…..and you get more and more PEACE.


Susan Berry
Holistic Personal Stylist
Refresh Your Style + Your Mindset
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