Meme with the words "Joy is not made to be a crumb." a quote by Mary Oliver

Two Nuts and a Raisin

My maternal grandmother had both wisdom AND a sassy sense of humor. One of her best lines was, “Don’t borrow trouble.” Meaning — stay in the present moment, don’t get ahead of yourself. While I find that this is my mantra for the challenging times we’re in, my favorite saying of hers was, “two nuts and a raisin” (Said with an Ugh!)

This meant, don’t be so nice and polite, don’t deprive, deny or live in scarcity, don’t settle for crumbs, for just a tiny little bit of happiness, joy, goodness. You deserve the whole, big box! I grew up with a mother who was ALL about restriction; meager crumbs. So of course, when I was a girl, I loved going to the movies in Brooklyn with my grandmother. She always bought the biggest boxes of popcorn and a LARGE Juju-bees…for each of us!

If you too grew up w/restriction, or came to it later, in this moment, I’m offering my grandmother’s wisdom to you: Let’s remove the corsets of restriction and make space for a big, bold, delicious life. A life of Abundance. Plenty. JOY.  You are worthy and wonderful. Be VERY kind to you.

Where in your life are you DONE settling for, “two nuts and a raisin?”

Thank you @Mary Oliver for this excerpt from your gorgeous
poem, “Don’t Hesitate.”