True to You

“Instead of starting the week with a New Diet,
start it with a New Kindness — towards you!”

~ SW Berry

It’s that time of the year — UGH! — the Diets are coming! If you’re sick of food fear-mongering — I see you! Instead of following an old, worn-out path, what if this year, you stay true to you? True to what you love, true to what works for you. What if this year, you get real about what you truly want: A life that feels authentic; a reason to wake up every morning that isn’t about weight and food. A life where you eat what you love!!!! Where you’re no longer holding your breath, looking for the perfect diet to “fix” you. Let this be the year you create a big, badass life through curiosity, experimentation, self-trust, compassion, and action, by moving through old fears, habits, internal stories, & not so comfortable comfort zones. If you wish food could be a pleasure, not a problem, and want to enjoy eating without worry — click the button below, send me a message  & let’s set up a Complimentary Call.

photo credit: Nathan Dumlao @nate_dumlao