What Clients are Saying

Hope for a happy & peaceful life. Forever grateful.

”It wasn't until I began working with Susan that I started to feel hope for a happy & peaceful life. I am not only healing my relationship with food & my body, but altering my entire life to reflect the person I really am. With Susan's gentle guidance & intelligent insight, I am able to make kinder choices to facilitate a life with peace. I am forever grateful for finding her!”


Taught me to cultivate my own sense of self.

I was recently asked, who are the two people that have had the biggest impact on your life?” I wanted to share what I wrote with you as one of the answers to that inquiry:

Susan— Susan was the kind, compassionate, wise New York woman that taught me about living with curiosity, about mindfulness and the peace that can exist in the present moment, about putting joy above always having everything together, about living in a way that bends the conventional rules and requires vulnerability but pays dividends in delight, about using all of life as a canvas and seeing each day as artwork. She taught me to surrender to what life holds for me and where my body wisely wants to shift and change. She taught me to rely on myself, cultivate my own sense of self, and create a life that often spills outside of the boxes that society pressures us to put ourselves into. When I think of her, I think of an exemplar that I don’t want to copy or be, but emulate in my own way— a woman that lives with courage, inner conviction, imagination, wonder, possibility, hope.

Erin O.

Highly recommend. Confidence & courage to pursue a life I love.

Susan completely changed not only the way I look at my life, but my interactions, my challenges at work, and my feelings. Working with her gave me the courage to pursue a promotion at my job, and later to quit my job and start my own business. Through working with Susan and using the Mindfulness tools, I became more comfortable with who I am. Everything shifted. As I go through the journey of running my business, I continue to use the Mindfulness skills she taught me to meet the challenges that come up as part of life, and as part of evolving into a different version of myself. I highly recommend Susan. She is a large part of why I am able to function and feel happy and content in my life, why I have amazing relationships, and have built a life I love. I definitely recommend Susan, and hope to know her forever.

Nicole Jackson

Truly effective. Confidence to stop worrying & trust myself.

I have seen many good coaches & healers in my search for well-being and peace around food and body image, but none have been so effective as Susan. She truly understands what the struggles are. Through her “no-diet” Evolved Eating process, I’ve learned practical, intuitive/mindful eating tools that give me confidence to trust myself & feel freer around food. I no longer have to be thinking, planning & worrying all the time!


Wholeheartedly recommend. Mind/body peace. Enjoy your life again.

I came to Susan for help with eating & struggles with body image/acceptance. They were consuming my life. I hated having a secret that I was ashamed of. I hated how bad I felt every day. I felt trapped in this destructive cycle & didn’t know how to break out of it on my own. I realized I needed help, but the prospect of admitting my problem & being vulnerable to a stranger was terrifying. I needed someone who understood, who wouldn’t judge me. From our first conversation, I felt like Susan truly empathized with what I was going through. Any feeling, judgment, fear or behavior I shared with her she fully accepted & understood. In one of my first conversations with Susan, she asked how I wanted my relationship with food to be & I told her, I wanted to eat like a kid again – just feeling hunger in my stomach, picking a food that looks delicious & eating it without giving a single thought to calories, fat, what I ate for breakfast, what I might eat later & without any guilt. Over the course of our work together, I learned how to do that & more. She helped me to recognize the inner fear-based voice that was driving all my decisions & to get back in touch with my intuition & my body's needs. After our initial work with food & eating was over, Susan & I have reconnected at various high-stress times. With her guidance & mindfulness tools, I have been able to see the areas of my life & my relationships where I have been stuck in unsatisfying patterns & to make simple but meaningful changes. I wholeheartedly recommend Susan for anyone who needs help with their relationship to food or their body, or anyone who is looking to get unstuck & learn how to enjoy their life again.


More myself, more at peace.

Our meetings are so helpful. I always leave feeling more balanced, more myself, more at peace.


Knowledgeable. Caring. My happiness is increasing.

Susan’s guidance has given me hope with a problem that has plagued me for 15 years. She is extremely knowledgeable & caring & I felt safe & at ease with her. Within the first few minutes of my 1st session, she zeroed in on my food/body struggles & concerns & addressed them on my level. She gave suggestions, which were practical for me to implement the same day & beyond My fears are reducing and my happiness increasing as I successfully implement these new skills.


At once wise, practical & consistent. Deeply grateful.

When I started working with Susan, my life was a jumble of shoulds, have-tos and musts. I felt that the demands of success, family life & my own internal dialogue were dragging me around by the nose. I was exhausted, disconnected from my body & full of anxiety. Through the mindfulness work that Susan has taught me & guided me through, I have found my way to the incredible experience of living my life rather that merely surviving it. While the demands of business & home haven’t lessened, my relationship to them, as well as to food & my body have been radically transformed. At once wise, practical & consistent, Susan has guided me on a path of healing my weary mind & body & a journey home to myself. Now that I have arrived here, at home in the seat of my own heart, I am beginning to see a much greater & more delicious journey unfolding & am deeply grateful to have Susan as my teacher & guide for what lies ahead.


...full of wisdom, empathy, and positive energy.

Susan's approach to healing is simply the best thing I've come across. She is full of wisdom, empathy, and positive energy.


I feel great about myself now.

My issues with food had affected me on so many more levels than I realized. Through our work together, Susan has helped me discover those fearless, confident, authentic pieces of me I had lost along the way.

Susan has taught me to have a healthy friendship with food — something that I never dreamed was possible. I feel great about myself now. I feel like my life is finally on the path I was born to take. I am starting my business, I met a wonderful man, I feel great in my body, and I truly love myself. If you constantly think about food-- what will I eat?How many calories is that? Working with Susan is what you need to free yourself from those fearful thoughts and get in touch with your authentic, happy, confident, dancing self. Seriously, Susan and I danced together one session. It was amazing!


....now I’m confident...

I used to be a hot mess, but now I’m confident and awesome!


Listens. Gets me. In every meeting, a lightbulb goes off!

Each time I speak with Susan I am left with a feeling that is difficult to explain... but it reminds me of how Snoopy must feel when he does his dance!

I have come to her in the darkest times of my life and she has helped me laugh again. I have come to her when I’m coming apart and she has helped me feel whole again. Susan listens to me and understands. She gets me.

In every meeting, she reflects back to me something so valuable — it’s like a lightbulb goes off! She is a wise teacher and compassionate friend. Susan has given me tools to help move through really hard moments: Mindfulness Meditation, Metta, visualizations, breathing exercises, drawing meditations, and so much more. I have learned to stay present with myself, to be kind to myself rather than spinning off in my head or running away. I feel much lighter and calmer. I’m laughing so much more. I have learned to love myself again. Susan is amazing!

Christina B.

Goal is not weight loss, it's self-love.

What's different about Susan is that her fundamental goal is not weight loss, it's self-love. I would recommend Susan to anyone who struggles — anyone who isn’t happy with their relationship with food. It was when I met Susan that I finally began to make sense of my relationship with food and with my body. With her help I began to recognize my hunger and satiation signals, to eat more mindfully and to heal my relationship with my body. I’ve learnt so much about being mindful, managing the diet-mind and the resistance-mind, and of figuring out the smallest steps that all add up in a meaningful way. I’m feeling grateful for having Susan’s support in my journey of learning to listen to my body and lovingly nourish it.”


Powerful results. Mind/body peace.

Susan Weiss Berry compliments cognitive and behavioral techniques with age old Mindfulness principles for powerful results. Unlike other Health Professionals, it's never just "a list of what to eat" with Susan, but about "what's eating you and how to deal with those emotions" in a gentler, kinder, more integrated manner.


Amazing Coach...feel so much better.....

For the longest time I did not have a true understanding of what self-care actually meant. I had rules about what I thought it was, like having a “good” diet day, being disciplined, a massage as a reward for something. The spark that started the process of truly changing my mindset and learning what self care is supposed to look and feel like was due to my work with my amazing Coach, Susan Weiss Berry. My idea of self care has greatly expanded to things like walking barefoot on the dirt and grass, following a feeling instead of “dealing with it,” slowing down when it feels like I want to. This feels so much better. Much gratitude to you and what you do for people, Susan.

Jackie L

Tremendous progress with eating and self-love.

With Susan’s realistic and loving guidance, I have made tremendous progress with eating and self-love in just 5 weeks. I am learning new self serving habits that help me to encounter the natural ups and downs of life. I am learning how to quiet my often fearful, doubting, and critical mind and to amplify the self-mothering voice who speaks on my behalf and loves me unconditionally. Susan creates a healing, serene space where I can be myself and let down my load. I have developed positive ways of living with Susan that will stay with me throughout my journey.”


I feel so fortunate that I am able to work with Susan...

Although we have been focusing on the food aspect, my progress has been more holistic; it is not just about eating better, but about being better. Susan has helped me see things from a different perspective. She does not tell me how to solve my problems, but gives me the tools to solve them myself, and the support to persevere in this often trying endeavor. The tools can take the  form of metaphors, visualizations, practices, or exercises, and they are always  presented in a gentle, non-threatening, yet effective manner. I feel so fortunate that I am able to work with Susan, despite being hundreds of miles away, and look forward to continuing our efforts together, perhaps even face to face someday!


Gifted expert. Depth of experience & skills. True wisdom.

Susan Weiss Berry’s approach offers a practical yet powerful alternative to help people find peace with food and their bodies. A pioneer in the non-diet movement, Susan is a gifted expert who brings a depth of experience, skills, and true  wisdom to her work.

Judith D. Banker, MA LLP, FAED. Founder and Executive Director Center for Eating Disorders Ann Arbor, Michigan