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Stop Thinking and Just Make a Move…

I spotted this “You Can” note one day
while walking around NYC.





Most probably I was out walking
because I couldn’t get moving
on what I needed to do:
Write my Newsletter.
Go to the grocery store.
Finish/Start a painting.

are universal phenomenons.
And yet, when you’re caught up in them,
they can make you feel so badly about yourself.

For instance:

The other day, on my personal FB page,
A painter friend showed up
in the grips of fear and resistance.
“I’ve got a knot in my chest, anxiety in my heart,
everything bottled up so tight,” he shared.
“Why can’t I make a move, pick up a brush?
It’s incredible how painful it is…
I try to analyse it…and it just gets worse….
How do you leave a physically agonising paralysis behind?

As a recovering perfectionist, and chronic resister,
I replied: Oh, YES–
Been there and I do know that painful paralysis.
The Mind (snarky, critical, doubting voice in your head)
makes everything sound like a
complex, agonizing ordeal–
Lick a stamp? No way!
Perfectionism is strong, and,
you can learn to fake it out,
stick your tongue out at it.
Not believe its Stories!
You can,
Take a deep breath!
Feel the fear, AND — move anyway….

The practice I’ve found most effective
to get unfrozen,
is to literally,
sneak up on whatever I’m resisting–
my art, the walk, the writing, the bills, dirty dishes,
grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning.
With art,
I might grab a canvas and
without thinking or looking much,
throw ink down on it, scribble, or make marks.
No thinking–
Just deep breath, make a mess–go!
I don’t ignore the fear.
Instead, I recognize & name the physical feeling.
I’m kind to it, but don’t let it be The Boss of Me.

Here’s the trap we can fall into:
The Mind hopes, if it keeps spinning, obsessing,
it will somehow solve The Problem.
The problem is,
Thinking from this (worrying, reactive) Mind,
just digs a deeper hole.
Thinking & analyzing actually creates more resistance!

So, instead of asking, Why?
Why can’t I? Why don’t I? Ask-
What now? What next?
What’s the Action?

Here’s the big Click take-away from my once stuck FB friend:

“So, we literally have to move to get unstuck!”
It’s taking action that softens the freezing and fear.
Action gets rid of stagnation (another of my friend’s brilliant quotes).
Action, turns off the spinning mind.
Action, puts you into your body, into the moment,
snaps you out of The Mind Story that insists,
Not Now, No Way, You Can’t.

Remember the Nike Slogan: Just Do It!
My slogan is: Just Do It + Kindness + Hand Holding.
Just Do it +Stay on your Side.-

Try this:
Pretend that your fear is a small, scared child.
She lacks confidence. She’d rather wait.
You can be kind to her, comfort her, AND, help her to risk,
take a step, move forward.
Take her sweet little hand. Reassure her. And step forward.
Oh, sweetie! I know. I’m so sorry you’re afraid right now, and so
Let’s just pick up this brush and dip it in the paint ….
Let’s put on these shoes and walk out the door,
Let’s just click on Fresh Direct & order food,
Let’s grab the Swiffer!

& Puleeze–
Don’t believe this, I Can’t Story and
Don’t let it define you.
One action changes everything.
One action can wake you up to
a whole new world of possibilities inside you!
Deep breath.
One baby step. Go!

It was an honor to interact with my FB friend
and witness him Click and get unstuck in real time.
After taking in a few of my suggestions, he shared:
Just chucked paint on the canvases at last!
How do you feel? I asked?
So good, so calm, normal breath, no blues…
Such joy, seems so irrational now.
…Silly mind.


“The way you do one thing, is the way you do all things.”
~ Zen Proverb