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Style is personal and it starts on the inside. Finding your personal style is a discovery process: Learning about yourself, so you can be yourself. Your Personal Style is what feels easy, natural, and effortless. It’s what truly works for you, for your life. It’s what helps you feel happy, confident, and authentically YOU! Knowing your style gives you clarity and focus which makes shopping and dressing so much easier. When you look in your closet, you won’t feel overwhelmed or confused. Everything you see will feel right, feel like you and work together.

Style can be learned and it begins with confidence. Confidence is an attitude of certainty in your choices. Confidence to embrace the things that you love, instead of worrying about what everybody else thinks. Confidence means leaving the rules, and listening to you. Working with an experienced Personal Stylist can help you trust and discover your personal style and become more fearless integrating it into all parts of your life.

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Closet Edit

Let’s see what you have, what's missing and what you need to create an effortless, timeless wardrobe of clothing you love, and pieces that bring you joy and confidence.

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Color Analysis

Your best colors will make your skin glow, improve your mood and confidence, and knowing your best colors will reduce shopping confusion. I’ll help you create a wardrobe of coordinated pieces and colors that you truly LOVE and feel amazing in.

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Personal Styling/Shopping

I get it: Shopping for clothing can often make us feel stressed or insecure about our bodies. I’ll show you how to shift your mindset and easily create a functional and fabulous “confidence” wardrobe of coordinated pieces you feel amazing in, & I promise, we will have fun.

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Food Confidence

Step away from Diets & Deprivation & find peace with food and your body. Develop the Confidence to eat the foods you love w/out guilt or fear and gain clarity about which foods work best for your system. Learn Mindset tools to calm your inner critic.

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Life Confidence

Move away from what is no longer working and move towards what you truly want. Let go of old rules, fears, habits, and doubts so you can live your best life, now. Identify what nourishes you, lights you up & what is stressful or depleting.

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For coaches in every field who want to learn from my 30+ years of coaching experience. Sensitive, focused, effective guidance. Safe space to share questions, challenges, or concerns.

All services are available virtually. Personal Styling/Shopping, Color Analysis, and Closet Edits are also available in person in NYC and MA.

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Experience, talent, intuitive sensitivity and passion; masterful strokes of advice.

Susan has an eye for aesthetics that will benefit your style and closet. During my closet edit, Susan used a painter’s eye: She placed different fabrics and looked at the colors and textures of the garment, knowing if that would fit the painting or not. We are living art so the way we dress ourselves is an artwork renewed daily. Having Susan curate the palette of pieces that fit my style, enabled me to feel validated about my way of being in the world. Susan will empower your being from the inside out and give you tips to allow your creativity to shine through. With her experience, talent, intuitive sensitivity and passion, you will enjoy being the recipient of her masterful strokes of advice.


I eat everything. Feel good. Zero guilt. One of the best feelings ever!

Susan has taught me to be ‘aware.' A seemingly simple task/concept that has changed the way I'll live the rest of my life. I go out to eat three times a week. I'm eating what I want – I eat everything. I feel good. I don't plan. I don't feel guilty. It's one of the best feelings ever! Susan's approach is very clear, never overwhelming. She has passed on her years of discovery and information in a manner that is reassuring. Being able to speak with someone who has faced the challenges I'm up against is not only encouraging but fundamental. I look forward to being able to live the rest of my life with the lessons Susan has passed on to me.


Susan changed my life.

Susan changed my life. She taught me to be still, to listen to my body, to love & accept myself, letting go of perfectionism & embracing who I am. I am present in my life again, experiencing it fully, and so grateful.



to turn down your critical, inner voice
so you can reclaim and celebrate your body,
your eating, your clothes, and your life?

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