Risking Play

Creativity is not just about making art. It’s actually a way of approaching life. A way of solving problems.

To me, it means: A willingness to look at old things in a new way, to apply multiple Points of View, like, when painting, I turn the piece often so I keep seeing it differently. Creativity is about breaking rules, dropping The Story about what IS and what IS NOT *allowed.* Working with and through my doubts and fears, facing my perfectionism, & ignoring my *not good enough,*

I’ve become braver, more willing to trust myself, my guts, my impulses. Like a child, I can play in the moment, free in the knowledge that, regardless of what my Snarky, Critical Mind says, there is no WRONG.

Creativity skills have not only been “useful” in my every day life — they have changed my life — completely. My life is bigger, more richly textured, layered, fun, exciting, personal and authentic.

Where do you feel especially creative  in your life right now?


Photo Credit: Michelle Henderson – Unsplash