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Mindful Eating 101: What, But I’m Not That Hungry, Really Means…

I was a professional dieter for 20 years, & the phrase,

But I’m not that hungry, was a favorite mantra.

At that time, my goal was to not eat,

to postpone knowing or responding to my body’s needs,

to wait as long as possible before “giving in.”

Sound familiar?

I remember loving my growling stomach, adoring the hollow cramping.

I really believed that when I suffered, I was losing weight!

So I kept choosing suffering…


Paying attention to my true body needs, like hunger, felt dangerous.

I was so fearful that if I let myself eat,

I’d never stop.


It was by listening compassionately, mindfully,

to my brilliant body,

that I realized what

But I’m Not That Hungry, truly meant…

It meant–

I was hungry…and just fighting it!


It took many years for me to let go of this old diet mentality.

This suffering.

This restricting.

This, not listening to my body and responding.

This not taking care of ME.


Consider this:

One of your children comes to you and says,

I’m hungry.

Would you reply,

Well how hungry are you? Are you really that hungry?

Of course not!

You’d say,

Sure sweetie, let’s go eat, get you something you’ll enjoy right now.


Practice A Loving Response:


By listening to your body (actual experience) rather than fear,

You’ll discover that,

Mild Hunger is so much more manageable.

I promise, there’s no need for you to feel nauseous and light headed

before allowing yourself to eat!


And, Game Changer–when you eat for mild hunger,

you’re less likely to eat in a wild, starving frenzy,

and then feel badly.

Here’s the truth:

Your Hangry days are over…

You don’t have to earn the right to eat  


Try this:

Every time, & I mean, EVERY TIME you’re mildly hungry,

Meaning–the very first sensation you have of any kind of hunger,

I want you to respond right then and there, and EAT!

Even as that snarky inner voice yells,

But I’m not that hungry,

I urge you to edit that story (remove, not that) and hear,

Oh, I AM hungry!

Oh, Not that hungry =

I Am Actually Hungry!


To Evolve, replace the brittle resistance of,

But I’m not that hungry, with,



I hear you, what do you need?

With, Kindness–

How can I take care of you right now?


Simple & Easy Does It

Keep foods on hand that are easy/quick to make into meals.

Remember to choose what you enjoy,

not what you think you should eat.

Eating what you truly love when you’re mildly hungry

is going to help you feel calmer, clearer and more confident.

Go forth with love, my friend.