Photo Credit:SHAYAN rti - Unsplash

Less Discipline — More Love


“Where we think we need more self-discipline,
we usually need more self-love.”

~Tara Mohr



As a recovering perfectionist (you too?), this quote speaks to me. OMG. We are so effin hard on ourselves! Expect so much from ourselves…Always!

What if we slowly raised our tolerance for more kindness, gentleness, self- trust? What if instead of *Discipline* we tried, *Showing Up* with the Self- care question: “What’s the most loving thing I can do for myself right now?”

Sometimes, paying bills is the most loving thing to do bc — well—the rent — and — ending procrastinating ends the painful grip of resistance. Sometimes, getting groceries is the most kind way to show up, and, at other times, napping, walking, painting, dancing is the most loving thing to do.

We learn how to show up for ourselves by staying connected — to our insides, our feelings, our needs. Yes, that critical mind will carry on/fuss if we’re not doing what it considers *BIG, important things* every moment. Breathe! Use your tools for interrupting that snippy, inner critic & it will eventually back off.

Showing up w/compassion = self-love = self-care.

What’s the most loving thing you’ve done for yourself recently and how did it feel?

Photo Credit: SHAYAN rti – Unsplash