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In Hard Times, Kindness and Comfort…Foods…


“…It is the time to pause, reflect and bring wisdom, courage and care to ourselves 

and those around us. We human beings have survived for a thousand generations, 

helping one another and inspiring each other. We know how to do this. 

Instead of getting caught in collective fear and anxiety, we can remember to 

take a breath, center ourselves, and take practical precautions and protections, 

but calmly and in the spirit of love. Each of us can contribute to the well-being of 

ourselves, our communities and our world. Let us practice together in these 

difficult days…This is the perfect time to create a home 

retreat for yourself.” ~ Jack Kornfield (via @jack_kornfield)


How are you? (Seriously, please LMK!) ❤️ 


This is a moment. Things are feeling challenging, uncertain, 

downright scary! 


This past week felt like a global earthquake. 

The world turned upside down & now, we find ourselves in a 

strange new place, where we’re all improvising.

Of course we feel uncertain, stressed, perhaps isolated.

This is some scary sh*t! 


Life is very different than it was even 10 days ago. 

I spent 2+ hours Saturday searching for toilet paper! 

Could not get delivery from on-line, so finally, had to take a 

bus to another town to score! 

The new normal?

I’m heartbroken for all the small businesses closing, people losing 

jobs/income, for those who are ill, for the overwhelmed medical 

teams, exhausted grocery workers, and on and on….


There’s so much to process and absorb.

I have moments when I’m a mess–& then graceful moments when 

I stop thinking/planning, when I breathe and allow my wisdom/

intuition to guide me.

In those moments, I’m able to see this as a time for quiet. 

For letting go. 

For stillness (which we often resist). 

For healing from the previous long-term stresses of our lives – 

the chronic doing, pushing, rushing, striving. 

This is a time for surrendering, for pulling into our deepest refuges: 

home, family, body.  


What if right now we didn’t try to figure anything out (how can we?) 

and instead allowed ourselves to just be. To sleepily dream..to 

perhaps allow something we’d set aside to bubble to the surface again, 

or to welcome the new. Maybe in this necessary pause, we will 

birth an amazing idea, sparkling, restorative and nourishing for all.


Here’s what’s helping me steady myself right now:


1.  Practicing extreme kindness and surrender…Comfort foods, comfy

clothing. Crying, sighing, staring out of the window. Giving myself 

whatever I want/need. Having my feelings but not drowning in them.


2. Interrupting the Worst Case Scenario story with, I don’t know. 

I don’t know opens things up, humbles us, allows space for multiple 

possibilities and reduces panic. 


3.  Calming my nervous system-

These help me: Meditation, movement, writing, painting, collaging, 

scribbling, + self-talk, affirmations, connecting w/my peeps, my pup, 

cooking, chopping, reading, cleaning, laughing. Epsom Salt Baths. 

Eating comfort foods (I’ve got an abundant supply of chocolate, pastas, 

rice, muffins, canned fruits and veggies–impossible to get frozen these 

days!) Resting, napping, sleeping. Experiment/play to see what works 

for you.  Practice FLOW


4. Treating myself like my own precious child. *Spoiling* myself ✔️ 

Being super gentle, patient and loving. This is not a time for forcing, 

for pressure or Shoulds. I can do big things if I want (dabble with novel 

writing, strengthen my French) or small things (polish my nails, brush 

the dog), or I can hide under the blanket/do absolutely nothing at all. 

Current Mantra: Sweetie, we can do whatever you want.


5. Watching Movies. Current faves: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and 

Sensibility, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, After The Wedding, 

Sex and The City.


6. TV:  Outlander, My Brilliant Friend, Jeopardy (I’m a total nerd), 

Curb Your Enthusiasm (Larry David’s over- the-top audacity always 

makes me laugh)


7.  Naps + sleeping more (which Strengthen/boost/calm immune/

nervous system, Adrenals).


8. Naming/embracing my feelings with kindness and compassion. 

Place flat palm on my heart and say to the part feeling:

I’m so sorry you’re feeling ____________. Of course you’re 

feeling ___________. I’m here with you. What do you need, 

how can I help? 

Notice: Our nervous systems relax as soon as the feeling is named.


9. Dancing. Singing. Jumping. 


10. Walking, getting sun. Yes to Sunshine


11. Regular Pausing. Practicing conscious Breathing (I tend to 

hold my exhalation when stressed). 

I’m intentionally moving S-L-O-W-L-Y through my day, especially 

when feeling the adrenaline buzz.


12. Setting firm limits and boundaries–w/news/info, w/on-line time, 

whom I talk to, for how long and about what, limiting isolation w/

planned calls with my people. Noticing how I feel, what I need and 

saying YES to ME!


13. Remember:  This is not business as usual! It’s absolutely okay 

to take life one minute at a time right now. It’s totally ok to not know 

anything beyond this moment. Allowing the not knowing is kind. 

It’s protective. It’s real.


14. Reading Old Favorites: 

This book is so weird and outrageous, always makes me smile: 

Lorrie Moore

A very beautiful book and perfect for this time:

 Nicole Krauss

Reminder about survival, growth and healing:  

 Cheryl Strayed

Always, Pema


How are you managing? What’s helping you right now?

It’s true — we’re in a hard space —

But, I also sense that beneath the surface, things are shifting

And changing for the better.

The more we can connect/support each other right now (virtually works), the better I think we’ll feel and the more easily we can move through this.


I’m right here, with you &

I want to know

How can I support you right now?

What do you need?

How can we make this experience softer, lighter, kinder,
and more purposeful?


Try this:  Be super kind and gentle with yourself. 

Eat the foods you love, do the things you are able to that 

bring you joy and peace.


Be well,






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