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Ever Feel Stuck in the Yuck at 3 AM?

We all get stuck. And un-stuck.

It’s an over and over process.

You may be stuck because:

You’re afraid to take a new step.

You need more information to get to: Yes.

Or, you’re just not ready.


Maybe you’re stuck at a job you hate.

Stuck in a not-working relationship.

Or stuck because you don’t know what to eat, when to eat, or how to eat.

Perhaps you can’t figure out how to truly take care of yourself,

and feel stuck in chronic stress & feelings of overwhelm.


You could think forever about all the reasons (stories)

why you think you’re stuck,

when what is actually needed–

is compassion, then ACTION!

When stuck

Remember: reach for Self-Care,

simple, reliable tools/practices  

that move you out of stuck & into peace.

(Getting Un-Stuck is a lot about Self-Care.)

Learn more about self-care tools in my interview.


Too much thinking (drop the WHY?) is counter-productive.

The more you think, the worse you feel & the more stuck you become.



Recently, I got stuck in the yuck.

It was 2 AM and–

I just wanted to sleep.

Yet I felt an un-nameable agitation in my body.

And it was strong!

Felt like I needed to go out for a run, or blast music, dance wildly.

What the heck could I do at 2am that wouldn’t disturb my neighbors?


After tossing and turning in bed for one hour,

sat up, tried meditating,

writing, reading. Grrrrr…….

Still agitated.

Finally, I left my bed, walked into my art studio.

I taped a large piece of paper onto a firm surface.

Pulled out my inks, rollers, pencils, brushes…

And then….


I just

Let. It. Rip.

I scribbled madly, first with a thin pencil,

then progressed to bigger, thicker, ones.

Right hand. Left hand.



OMG. Felt soooo good.

Like a dancer warming up, or the first steps of a run.

I pushed my miniature paint roller through

a puddle of watered down ink–

Woosh–messy, silly, pink! Ha!

As I placed my hands in thinned white paint,

smooshed it around on the paper,

the heavy, yucky energy began to shift.

Move out of my body.



I could feel my insides decompressing.

And as I settled into my body,

I realized–

This was the moment,

decades ago,

When, without self-care tools,

I would have been in the refrigerator, grabbing,

desperate for a way to push this all down,

get some relief from these very uncomfortable feelings.


To find Your tools to use to get unstuck,

you need to be curious, brave and determined.

Each time you’re stuck,


Be playful.

Take different steps.


Notice:  What helps you to feel better, calmer.

What moves you from head (thinking)

to your grounded body.


Don’t give up if the first thing doesn’t work.

Finding your go to’s can take time…and patience.

And love.

Don’t settle for distraction,

stretch toward deep engagement.

Listen to the part of you struggling,

and see if you can understand what is needed.

As you move closer

to, Yes, that’s it!

You will get clues–

You will exhale.

You will relax.

You will feel a tiny bubble of joy.


Painting may not be your thing.

Yours may be

Yoga, dancing, singing, weaving, journaling, ironing,

Chopping carrots.

Doesn’t matter.

Go do it!


Be persistent.

Find the tools that transport you to back to YOU,

to Peace,

that release you from your spinning mind

and return you to the curiosity of the moment.


Oh, and, after I painted, I went right to sleep 


Here are 2 of my favorite

Mantras for getting unstuck:

I don’t know, let me see.

I wonder what would happen if


OK, your turn–

Connect with me and share:

One way you often feel stuck.

3 Self-Care steps you’re going to take to get unstuck.

1 practice you’ve already found that helps.



My 2 AM, 10-minute, “Masterpiece of Agitation”