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I’ve spent the last few months wrapped in the quiet of winter. 

Intentionally stepping away from the circus of distractions– and

focusing inward. I needed a break. 

Something had seemed off since the holidays. 

Too often I felt irritable, unfocused.

When I acknowledged the feelings, sat with them, named them, 

I realized…

My bossy, inner critic had gotten so loud, I wasn’t listening to my gut, 

my heart. I had disconnected from mySelf.

Can you relate?


As an act of self-care, of staying on my own side,

I took a Facebook break (Yup, I did)! 

Instead of ignoring my lingering FB resistance as silly, I decided to 

listen, honor it as wise information. 

And — Yay! After the initial withdrawal, I felt much better. 

Just one week w/out FB–and my mood improved, I had more energy, 

and more importantly, without so much stimuli, so many voices and 

opinions, I felt “returned to me.”  

In the time I freed up (and it was at least 1 hr/day), I did more of

what I loved: wrote, meditated, painted, walked, danced, read. 

This deep engagement felt like a rush of LOVE. Delicious, nourishing 

and restorative.


Once I reconnected to ME, it became SO clear: My funk and irritability 

arose from spending too much time doing what I thought I should, and 

not enough doing what I truly wanted. 

It came from not trusting/nourishing ME.


As I was settling back into mySelf, I thought about how, in my early teens, 

I got disconnected from my body, food.


I stopped listening to my insides, to this wisest, authentic part of me.

I began distrusting my inner information, what I knew to be true about

which foods I loved, which foods felt especially nourishing/satisfying. 

Which digested well, made me happy, reduced/removed food cravings/


I surrendered my truth. I let the outside world of experts and my inner critic 

rule me, erase me.

This was not my fault.

I was too young. I didn’t get that I was allowed to have what I wanted.

That I DID NOT need anyone’s permission!


There’s so much noise on the outside, in the culture, so much bad 

information on social media, endless voices of *Experts* declaring, 


Yikes! It’s overwhelming. 

It’s so easy for your voice and my voice to get drowned out. 

It’s so easy to disconnect from our insides. To lose our way.


Here’s the good news: There’s an intuitive part of you with deep 

and profound wisdom.

You need to get to know this voice, stay connected to it, trust it.

This is the part you need to let lead.


What helps me when I lose my way/feel disconnected in any part 

of my life:

Stop searching on the outside.

Slow way down.  

Sink into the body, into the moment. FEEL.


Show up in the moment and notice/consider–

What are you feeling? What are you craving? 

What has been denied, delayed, deprived? 

What is needed to restore you to yourself?

What do you love?

What makes you happy? 

How do you experience feelings of happiness, of “rightness” or the opposite

in your body? 


And for the road:

Listen to your insides.

Don’t dismiss dissatisfaction/complaining–they’re clues!

Stay curious, feisty, kind, compassionate. 

Hold onto your courage.

Say YES.



My friend–

You do not need to explain your preferences and choices. 

They do not need to make sense to your inner critic, or your mother.

Knowing what you truly want/need will make everything easier.

Then what’s required is the courage to trust and follow what you know.





p.s. I’m spending less and less time on Facebook, and more on Instagram,

so let’s connect there.


I TEACH  so over ‘the rules’  WOMEN 





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