Do you stare into your refrigerator packed with food and think, There’s nothing to eat?

Some of the “Why’s” I hear most often:

• I don’t really know what I enjoy/like/want to eat.

• I’ve been buying/eating the same foods for a long time. I’m bored/ in a rut.

• I’m confused by all the ** RULES** about what to eat/not eat.

• I don’t buy what I really want. I just buy food I think I should eat.

• My refrigerator is so packed with food I can’t really see what’s in there!


1. Make Space:  Take everything out of your refrigerator, put all foods on the counter & organize by categories: fruits, veggies, protein, starches, desserts, beverages, etc. What do you have lots of, and what’s missing, i.e. do you have lots of fruits and veggies, very little/only protein, no starches? Notice foods that you have multiples of, foods you keep buying — and never eat?

2. Prioritize:  Most of us eat 20% of the food in our refrigerator 80% of the time. To change that, look at each item on your counter (Step 1) and ask, Do I love this food? Do I enjoy eating it? Does it make me feel happy, nourished, satisfied? Only return food to your refrigerator that you truly love.

3. Buy What You Love — With a Plan:  Shop with intention. Before you go to the grocery store, ask: If I could eat exactly what I wanted for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, what would I choose? Visualize these foods on plates in front of you. How do you feel? Make lists of all foods needed to make these “plates.” Only buy foods on your list — foods that you truly want to eat, that you enjoy, that satisfy and nourish you.

4. Organize: Refrigerator Reboot — Unpack your new food. Place same types of foods together in one place in refrigerator, (fruits, veggies, etc.), or place foods together that will be used to make complete “plates.” Look into your organized refrigerator — How does it feel to have all the foods you need to make complete, simple meals/snacks?

5. Work With Your Mind: We all have an inner, critical, fear-based voice that yaps and yaps, repeating untrue stories & warnings which create uncertainty and anxiety about our food choices and make us feel guilty about buying/eating what we love. The Mindset goal is to learn to pay attention to and trust our intuitive voice, our true, authentic voice, rather than fear. Trusting ourselves will help us identify and claim what we love.

Eating can be simple and easy. Be patient and kind. With practice and guidance we can learn to listen to and trust ourselves. Forget The ** RULES.** Be true to you. Eat what you love. Be curious, brave, open, playful. And confident!