Creating More

Creating More…..

When I paint, I practice: Staying present in my body, ignoring the snarky inner critic, and trusting myself. I drop *The Story,* ignore *The Rules* and just make playful, intuitive moves and marks, guided by my gut, my voice, the moment, ME. ⭐

Intuitive eating and intuitive painting are both practices of moving past doubt, fear and uncertainty. Both are ways to be Mindful, to learn about ourselves — What makes us happy? What do we love? Where do we feel stuck or afraid? What holds us back from inspired action? They provide a path to listen to ourselves, and take action on what we truly love, want, what makes us happy.

Because in the end, it’s about pleasing ourselves, right? It’s about creating more freedom, joy and peace.

Where in your life do you have lots of freedom, play, self-trust,  and where would you like to create more?