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Come spend an afternoon painting with me!

Come spend an afternoon painting with me!

Step away from your daily chores and routines, from those snarky internal monologues, stresses and to-do lists, and step into a safe and supportive retreat

of play, freedom, nourishment & self-care. We will explore how letting go of (food) rules and fears can open the doors to more joy, more freedom and more possibility.

We will use creative engagement to shift our focus from body dissatisfaction, from what we ate/didn’t eat, towards–what we do want and what makes us feel grounded, peaceful and happy. We’ll also have FUN (remember that?)!


Why Intuitive Painting for Intuitive Eating?

As a Mindful & Intuitive Eating Coach for over 30 years, I’ve witnessed the confusion and doubt clients struggle with: I can’t figure out what to eat.

Am I allowed to want that? Can I eat that? Can I trust my body? We struggle with food when we shift our focus from inside to outside–when we buy into

“diet culture” stories, misinformation, wellness fables/diets–when we stop trusting ourselves–our insides, our brilliant bodies, our Intuition

How does Intuitive Painting help us reconnect with our body wisdom, our authentic selves?

In both Intuitive Painting and Intuitive Eating: There are no rules, no formulas, no right ways and no wrong ways.

Only experimentation, discovery & messy hands. This can be liberating…and also sometimes scary!

To Paint/Eat Intuitively, we need to stand up to and move past doubt and uncertainty–listen to ourselves, take action on what we want,

what we love, what makes us happy. It is about pleasing ourselves.

When we paint we practice: 

Playing, staying present, open and receptive, following wherever our intuition leads.

Letting go of/working with stories, fears, rules.

Letting go of the notion of, “mistakes.”

Letting go of having to have a plan, of figuring everything out, of saving, avoiding, depriving, distrusting.

Letting go of thinking and planning–and instead–making bold moves!

In Brave Body Peace Intuitive Painting, we will step away from whatever is in our way, so we can be silly, messy, playful, who cares!

Brave, bad-ass, rule breakers! We will challenge our thinking: Doubts, fears, resistance, the “I can’ts” and practice gently, bravely–moving through them

But I’ve never painted!

No experience is required.

This workshop is not about making great art, although you might. It is not about trying to make something beautiful, although, that’s how it might turn out.

This is about trusting, opening, playing–w/out attachment or intention.

Let curiosity and your heart lead.

Practice being content with the mess;

Accept not always knowing.

What would I say to someone who really wants to do this and is also really scared?

It’s okay to be scared! “Feel the fear and do it anyway!” Here’s the thing: Creativity is play. So, I recommend you take a deep breath, don’t think, jump in and play!

I promise that this workshop is a safe place where you will have the freedom to feel, express, explore, and let go.


When we make art, good happens in us!

We are strengthened. We become braver, more willing to risk.

When we make art, we stretch, open and grow;  we heal and evolve.

Good things!

Brave Body Peace Workshop is a safe place

To surprise yourself, free yourself, connect w/yourself,

become kinder and braver.


Where: The Yoga Collective, 135 W. 29th Street Rm 603, NYC


What:  Intuitive Mixed Media (we will work on paper & 16 X16″ gesso boards).


When:  Saturday, June 8th, 1 – 5 pm


Cost:  $175 single; $298 duo (2 people). Costs includes materials.


Space is limited and registration closes May 25th.


Register here



*** Questions, Or to pay by credit card– email me: sberrymysite381@yahoo.com


If you’re struggling to heal your relationship with food, I want to help!


For over 30 years, as a Mindfulness Specialist and a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I’ve been helping others who have felt just the way you do now,

create happier, calmer, more intuitive lives. I have a gift for helping you shift your experience from shame, frustration, frenzy and self-doubt–to clarity,

calm, confidence and compassion. I can help you free yourself from your rules, fears, doubts, critical stories and the behavior that stands in the way of you

living your best life.

Learn more about my coaching options here:  https://www.susanweissberrycoaching.com