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Mindful Living

When feeling guilty is a good thing

By Susan Weiss Berry | August 29, 2019

I can’t believe it’s almost September! I love the fall, the cool weather, the energy.  Fall is always a busy season.  Back to school, back to caring for so many people, and so many things. So, it’s a good time of year to re-set boundaries.  To listen to your deepest needs.  To move forward with kindness and compassion,…


What do the holidays mean for you?

By Susan Weiss Berry | December 25, 2018

For me, it’s a reflective time of the year. Lots of long walks. And writing. And listening. And feeling. Rather than judge myself for what I didn’t do, I allow myself to dream into the New Year. Imagine as clearly as I can, What I want to fill up with next year– What will bring…


Stop Thinking and Just Make a Move…

By Susan Weiss Berry | July 7, 2018

I spotted this “You Can” note one day while walking around NYC.         Most probably I was out walking because I couldn’t get moving on what I needed to do: Write my Newsletter. Go to the grocery store. Finish/Start a painting. Procrastination/avoidance/resistance are universal phenomenons. And yet, when you’re caught up in…


Ever Feel Stuck in the Yuck at 3 AM?

By Susan Weiss Berry | May 2, 2018

We all get stuck. And un-stuck. It’s an over and over process. You may be stuck because: You’re afraid to take a new step. You need more information to get to: Yes. Or, you’re just not ready.   Maybe you’re stuck at a job you hate. Stuck in a not-working relationship. Or stuck because you…


The Art of Mindful Living: Susan Weiss Berry with Nicole Jackson Miller

By Susan Weiss Berry | February 1, 2018
Photo of Susan Weiss Berry, Mindful Living Cocach in her studio.

Great tools and lots of information on the art of Mindful Living in my interview w/Nicole Jackson Miller, owner of The Project Designer. You will hear: What is True Selfcare ~ How to find clarity when you need to make a decision ~ How to step away from being constantly “on call” ~ What to…