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Mindful / Intuitive Eating

Stop Suffering and Stuffering: Holiday Tips from Evolving Eaters

By Susan Weiss Berry | November 20, 2018

1. Put the fork down between bites.   2. Breathe.     3. I can always have more later.   4. I don’t have to feel bad or guilty about what I choose to eat and when I choose to eat it.   5. There are other tools and comforts that I can use to feel better besides…


Mindful Eating 101: What, But I’m Not That Hungry, Really Means…

By Susan Weiss Berry | August 28, 2018

I was a professional dieter for 20 years, & the phrase, But I’m not that hungry, was a favorite mantra. At that time, my goal was to not eat, to postpone knowing or responding to my body’s needs, to wait as long as possible before “giving in.” Sound familiar? I remember loving my growling stomach,…


Ever Feel Stuck in the Yuck at 3 AM?

By Susan Weiss Berry | May 2, 2018

We all get stuck. And un-stuck. It’s an over and over process. You may be stuck because: You’re afraid to take a new step. You need more information to get to: Yes. Or, you’re just not ready.   Maybe you’re stuck at a job you hate. Stuck in a not-working relationship. Or stuck because you…



By Susan Weiss Berry | March 3, 2018
Little girls beneath an apple tree, playing with apples.

When I first meet with Evolving Eaters and we talk about their previous experiences with Mindful Eating, I realize, they have NOT been practicing Mindful Eating… …they’ve been practicing Fear Mind Eating. They say, When I try to eat Mindfully: ~It feels like I’m being asked to sit and be present with all my stress…