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Break-up With Your Food Rules…

This listening to ourselves, to our knowing, our wisdom, is important in every part of our lives. 

When it comes to eating, it means tuning out external fads, fears and misinformation, and letting 

our brilliant bodies lead. 


Fearless Steps–Break-up With Your Food Rules


Yes, I hear you gulping! And I get it. I know this is a scary thought.

We’ve been holding onto these lists, these rules for a long time. 

They’ve made us feel safe, made us feel like we have some kind of a map.


The problem is: 

These Food Rules are difficult, demanding, restrictive.

They don’t work because they come from outside of us, and what we need to learn, is to trust our insides.

We need to find our way to our own truth, our own “good foods,” the ones that our bodies say feel good, make us feel truly satisfied, nourished, happy. 


When we connect w/our innate body wisdom, there’s no need for external RULES. 

We don’t have to think/think/think. 

By paying attention to ourselves in the moment, we will know what we want. 


Trusting ourselves is a process. 

Be patient and kind. 

Make a list of your Food Rules–helpful to know them before we break them.

Consider where they came from– Family? Culture? Media?

And–please–do not judge yourself for having them! 


Try this:

Begin by challenging one Food Rule at a time.

Baby steps.

Keep going. 

Notice how you feel letting go. It might be scary at first. 

Take all the time you need.  

Be brave! Badass! Be the Boss of you :)








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