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Image of meme with words "Embrace your Weirdness" in crossword Scrabble letters.

What’s Weird?

October 27, 2020
eme with words You are enough. You are Worthy. Your best is enough. Read that again. @bloorwestfleamarket

Make Space For…

October 22, 2020


October 15, 2020

The Drunk Hamster

October 8, 2020
mage with words "Allow yourself to want what y ou truly want the desire itself is a prayer." Marianne Williamason


October 6, 2020

Love Your Loves

October 2, 2020
Black and white image of a fancy cake topped with rolled chocolate shavings. with the word Happy Birthday in white at the top,.

Happy Birday

September 29, 2020
Image of ballerina wearing a tutu, with a white top, red skirt wearing red boxing gloves next to a wall with graffiti.

Fiercely On Your Own Side

September 24, 2020
image of a woman jumping

On Track

September 18, 2020

Make Everything Smaller

September 10, 2020
image of lone woman holding holding a candle with red smoke billowing up from it, and the words "Together we can get through this" at the top.

Together We Can Get Through This

March 17, 2020
Image of an empty bathtub with a painting of a pink layer cake above.

When Can We Eat the Effing Cake

December 17, 2019