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THIS—makes Eating & Everything So Much Easier

By Susan Weiss Berry | January 28, 2020

    I’ve spent the last few months wrapped in the quiet of winter.  Intentionally stepping away from the circus of distractions– and focusing inward. I needed a break.  Something had seemed off since the holidays.  Too often I felt irritable, unfocused. When I acknowledged the feelings, sat with them, named them,  I realized… My…


On Trust, freedom, passion, fear…and ru living or longing?

By Susan Weiss Berry | December 23, 2019

How do you want to feel?  I ask this question of clients early in our work together.   Most often I hear:  I want to trust myself. I want to feel, FREE.   Yes, we want that! So why is self-trust so challenging for us?   In the same way we restrict with food, we often…


Eat the pie, name the feeling, keep it simple, and I’ve never done…

By Susan Weiss Berry | November 26, 2019

Yup…the holidays are coming.  My clients tell me they’re feeling equal parts worry (food, family, stress) and excitement (food, family, rituals). So, here’s what I’ve been thinking: Thanksgiving is just another day. The fact that this particular Thursday in Nov. is a holiday, does not change the fact that–just like on every other day–you know…


When feeling guilty is a good thing

By Susan Weiss Berry | August 29, 2019

I can’t believe it’s almost September! I love the fall, the cool weather, the energy.  Fall is always a busy season.  Back to school, back to caring for so many people, and so many things. So, it’s a good time of year to re-set boundaries.  To listen to your deepest needs.  To move forward with kindness and compassion,…


Break-up With Your Food Rules…

By Susan Weiss Berry | August 14, 2019

This listening to ourselves, to our knowing, our wisdom, is important in every part of our lives.  When it comes to eating, it means tuning out external fads, fears and misinformation, and letting  our brilliant bodies lead.    Fearless Steps–Break-up With Your Food Rules   Yes, I hear you gulping! And I get it. I…


Come spend an afternoon painting with me!

By Susan Weiss Berry | May 15, 2019

Come spend an afternoon painting with me! Step away from your daily chores and routines, from those snarky internal monologues, stresses and to-do lists, and step into a safe and supportive retreat of play, freedom, nourishment & self-care. We will explore how letting go of (food) rules and fears can open the doors to more…


Fearless Steps: What is Diet Culture?

By Susan Weiss Berry | April 1, 2019

Have you ever wondered why we are driven to control, shrink, and distrust our bodies? It’s a complicated story, but at the heart of it is diet culture. You might be confused though… what on earth is diet culture? “Diet culture is a system of beliefs driven principally by economic gain that presupposes three basic…


What do the holidays mean for you?

By Susan Weiss Berry | December 25, 2018

For me, it’s a reflective time of the year. Lots of long walks. And writing. And listening. And feeling. Rather than judge myself for what I didn’t do, I allow myself to dream into the New Year. Imagine as clearly as I can, What I want to fill up with next year– What will bring…


Stop Suffering and Stuffering: Holiday Tips from Evolving Eaters

By Susan Weiss Berry | November 20, 2018

1. Put the fork down between bites.   2. Breathe.     3. I can always have more later.   4. I don’t have to feel bad or guilty about what I choose to eat and when I choose to eat it.   5. There are other tools and comforts that I can use to feel better besides…