Are You Ready

Are You Ready?

“When you’re ready to listen to yourself, connect with yourself,

trust yourself, be in the world — as yourself,

you will STOP apologizing, rationalizing, asking for permission.”

~Susan Weiss Berry


Challenging, right? It is for me! Yet, this is how we live compassionately; this is how we stay on our own side. We accept ALL the parts of us, the many layers, facets, desires and dreams. We applaud our complex natures. We love the parts that are tender and the parts that are fierce. We embrace the extrovert AND the introvert. We make space for contradictions.

Notice what happens when you dare to bring more of yourself into every moment.

Does resistance pop up? Does the Critical, Fearful Mind start yapping?

Begin by just closing your eyes, sitting with & listening to that small voice inside share what it would really like, right now, in this moment.

What do you hear?

What’s your response?