If you look into your closet crammed with clothes and think, “I have nothing to wear,” or stare into your refrigerator packed with food and feel, “There's nothing to eat,” I can help you. I’ll show you how to edit out what’s no longer working for you and keep only what truly pleases you, what matches your current lifestyle and preferences. You will have exactly what you need to easily create outfits and meals that you love without the doubt, confusion and stress.

As we work together, I will provide support and guidance to help you discover your personal style in every part of your life. Instead of struggling with what to eat and what to wear every day, you will have the clarity, confidence, and tools you need to easily select clothes you love to wear and foods you love to eat. Dressing and eating will become intuitive, effortless. As you develop clarity, self-trust and self-care, your feelings of confidence and happiness will increase in every part of your life.

Susan helped me come back...we had fun shopping. New ideas, inspired me.

”Not so long ago, I used to care about clothes and what I wore. But then Covid happened. I worked from home and literally lived in sweat pants, and I didn't care. Susan helped me come back. I was resistant at first, but she helped me get back in touch with wanting to feel good in my clothes. She got me back in the mood and we had fun shopping. She showed me some new ideas, inspired me, and reminded me that I do like to express myself through what I wear.”



Amazing! Closet edits can be easy, fun... & productive! With Susan’s gentle encouragement, I let go of 3 sizes of clothing — none of it fits me now — that had been clogging my closet for at  least 20 years. Now, I have amazing closet space and a plan for new wardrobe pieces and I am excited to go shopping w/Susan in NYC.”


Rescued me from my own worst critic — myself.

Susan rescued me from my own worst critic — myself. I am very happy with my experience over the last several years. Susan is a world away from previous experiences elsewhere. It is so good to be treated with professionalism, care and compassion. She makes me feel that I am in safe hands. She often makes me smile and dare I say, laugh out loud, which truly is the best medicine. When you find someone who can do all these things, you can believe they are the best. I am truly grateful.


How Can I Help You?

Personal Style/Clothing Confidence

  • Closet Edit
  • Wardrobe Consultation
  • Color Analysis
  • Personal Style/Shopping


to turn down your critical, inner voice
so you can reclaim and celebrate your body,
your eating, your clothes, and your life?

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